Educational apps and interactive stories for iOs, Android and Windows 8

Apps educativas

Apps for children and youngsters to educate by playing

Tiny Plants

Educational game to compose attractive flowering plants: cactus, tulips, daisies, carnivorous... with pots, petals, colors, leaves and different faces. From two years old on.


Activity sheets that develop and reinforce specific abilities from the school area. It has its own shop which can be feeded and managed independently. Developed for Santillana.

Play with English

Forty two challenges to solve crosswords; wordsearch puzzles; hangman games; logic, reading comprehension and vocabulary tests with three difficulty levels. Developed for VOX.

Emotions collection

Six stories to overcome everything that makes kids scared, sad, happy or angry, among other emotions. With activities thought to work through every story. Developed for Salvatella.


Interactive stories with animations and different languages

Little Dead Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood has died and now she is a zombie. This is the starting point of this story for kids and adults that has been number one at the American Store. An Itbook production of extraordinary visual quality.

Little Classics

Interactive verions of six stories with animations: for the little ones: Bambi, Peter Pan, Cinderella, Pinocchio, The Jungle Book and Snow White. Developed for Susaeta.

The Chest Full of Monsters

A collection of four stories that looks over the horror classics adapting them for children. The Zombie, The Vampire, The Witch and The Boogeyman. The first one is for free. Developed for the Bromera publishing house.

Colour me ever after

A non-linear story to colour. Alex is a seven years old boy that guides us to his fantastic world through a colour key: red, orange, blue, green... and an ending with a message: we like diversity.

Mica and his friends

A collection of thirty educational stories for kids of three, four and five. Developed by Itbook for the Santillana publishing house in 2011.

Look and touch

Four titles thought so as the little ones can play with numbers, colors and animals. Available in English, French, German and Portuguese. Developed for the Susaeta publishing house.

Stories with values

Five stories about love, friendship, self-improvement, self-steem and tolerance. With exercises and advices to develop and work through each of the topics. Developed for the Edebé publishing house.

Once upon a time...

Puss in boots

Cunning and brave, ¿what will he be capable of to avoid becoming the dinner? You will learn that ingenuity is the most important value. Available for iPhone/iPad.

The hare and the turtle

A competition between determination and arrogance. Who will win? An animated and interactive story. Win a carrot bag! Available for iPad.


The classic story told in an interactive way, with audios and different languages. Blow over the ashes and see what happens... Available for iPad.

The three little pigs

If you put your heart into them your works will last forever. The three little pigs in their Itbook version. Shake your iPad and see what happens... Available for iPhone and iPad.

Little Red Riding Hood

A wonderful moral in an all-time story. Make Little Red Riding Hood jump, put the food inside the basket, play with the memory game... Available for iPhone and iPad.

Alice in Wonderland

The first interactive story by Itbook. Fantastic drawings and funny activities and games. Available for iPhone and iPad.